Prokosch - Pumpen und Armaturen GmbH
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50 years of experience and competence

The PROKOSCH – PUMPEN und ARMATUREN GmbH, a private limited company established in Östringen-Odenheim (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) was founded by Josef Prokosch on July 1st, 1957. In the beginning, the manufacturing company dealt with precision lathe work.

In its early years the company was involved in the production of parts designed for gears and general mechanical engineering.


first pumps

Only 3 years later, in 1960 the PROKOSCH company began with the development and production of centrifugal pumps. Due to PROKOSCH’s growth, one had to move into a new and bigger factory building only 5 years after foundation. The production programme expanded which finally made it necessary for an extension to be built in 1970.

In 1973 the development of specialized pumps for desaster control began and the range of products expanded continously. The production of valves for tankers and silo vehicles was then added to the company’s programme.


Pump Mod. WH26E

In the following years the program in valves was continously expanded. In 1982, the PROKOSCH company had established its complete program in pumps for irrigation, waste water handling, disaster control and industrial purposes. A wide range of ball valves for industry, vehicles and installations has also belonged to the company’s program since then.


At the end of the 1980s it was obvious that foreign producers dealing with pumps for domestic water supply would penetrate into the market and compete with local German producers and manufactoring companies. The PROKOSCH company therefore deceided to focus on industrial valves. It started to cooperate with other well-known producers in the pump sector.

In 1995 PROKOSCH was able to complete its range of products by developing pneumatic pinch valves to be used for tankers and silo vehicles in industry.



Nowadays, PROKOSCH is one of the leading producers of valves for granulated and pulverized media. The company exports its products worldwide.

You truly can say:
"50 years of experience and competence in the sector of pumps and valves - this obliges!".