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The Common Denominator

Detail view ball valve Detail view pinch valve


The transparent modular principle used in the PROKOSCH ball valves allows for numerous combinations for the flange connections and makes child´s play out of exchanging the wear parts.

PTFE special casing design

»PTFE/special casing« design

A disc spring absorbs the impact from the bearing sleeve on the ball. This system is self-adjusting, which ensures a perm anent seal.

PTFE O-ring spring mounted

»PTFE/O-ring spring mounted« design

The sturdy seal system was designed specifically for use with powdered and granular goods. Proven thousands of times in the areas of construction materials and animal feed.

Stainless steell O-ring spring mounted

»Stainless steell/O-ring spring mounted« design

The special ball seating geometry ensures that material stuck to the ball is removed during each switching action. This guarantees permanent simple switching even for adhesive goods. The wear resistance achieved from boronizing the ball and the ball seat provides for a long tool life even with highly abrasive media. Additional armouring of the fitting can be provided upon request.